Get The Led Out

For lead vocalist Paul Sinclair, singing is quite simply in his blood. Adopted at five days old, and without any knowledge of his ancestry, Sinclair naturally gravitated towards music and the arts growing up. It wasn't until investigating his lineage in his twenties that he discovered he had come from a line of opera singers in Madrid, Spain. Sinclair's biological grandparents, baritone José García Fernández Olaria and soprano Ana Romero Campos had seven children. Three of which came to prominence in the music world in the 1950s and 60s... Ana Maria Olaria, Amparo de Lerma, and Tito Mora.

A child of the 1970s, Paul developed a profound love and passion for the music of the era. This wonderful soundtrack would go on to mold, shape, and compel him on his musical journey. Whether it be The Beatles and The Stones, Zeppelin and Aerosmith, or The Bee Gees and Donna Summer... these iconic artists ignited a burning desire within Paul that could only be satisfied by screaming from the mountaintops!

In the early 1980s Paul began putting bands together. In late 1984 while searching for a guitarist/writing partner, Sinclair met guitarist Paul Hammond. The two had an instant bond over their love of the classic rock greats, as well as a similar vision for their future. Sinclair and Hammond immediately began writing songs and searching for a bassist and drummer to round out the band and get giggin'!

With the band in place, Sinclair and Hammond went on to write and record two full-length albums, and perform in countless venues on the east coast U.S.A. under the band name "Sinclair." "Sinclair", at one time managed by radio promo legend Joe Reagoso (Warner/Elektra/Atlantic, MCA, RCA) played many high profile shows and shared the bill with such notable acts as Foghat, Zebra, Savoy Brown, The Bullet Boys, Kevin Dubrow (Quiet Riot), David Ruffin of The Temptations, and many more.

In the fall of 2003 Paul Sinclair was contacted by a couple of local Philadelphia area musicians who were putting together a Led Zeppelin tribute band and in need of a singer. Paul had no interest in doing the "impersonator thing", but agreed to help the guys with one show. He immediately enlisted the help of Paul Hammond to add the musical chops and stability required to pull it off. The idea of performing "The Mighty Zep's" catalog in concert just as it's heard on record was suggested by Sinclair, but not well received. However, with time and some lineup changes, Sinclair's vision soon became reality and Get The Led Out was born.

Sinclair, a BMI affiliated songwriter, is also an engineer/producer who along with Hammond owns Fat City Studios just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Paul’s engineering, production, and mastering credits can be found on countless independent and national releases worldwide.

Sinclair's influences are varied, though there are two musical legends whose impact on him is undeniable. Besides the obvious role that Robert Plant’s work has played in shaping Sinclair’s vocal stylings, there is one other stand-out influence… Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. So much so that Paul appeared on national television when he was chosen to perform as Tyler on the Dick Clark Production "Your Big Break."

In the summer of 2014 Paul joined The Zac Brown Band in concert for a version of Zeppelin's classic "Whole Lotta Love" at the PNC Center in Holmdel, NJ, and at Bethel Woods in Bethel, NY.

In late 2015 Paul was fortunate enough to be asked to lend his Plant-esque vocals to the new Martin Scorsese - Mick Jagger produced HBO TV series "Vinyl".

In Get The Led Out Paul has found what he describes as a "dream career". Keeping this important music alive for future generations is a passion-filled calling for him. Most importantly, Paul Sinclair is a huge Led Zeppelin fan who strives to “do justice” to what he considers to be one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

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