Get The Led Out

It all started when I heard my first Led Zeppelin record, THAT'S how I wanted to play the drums! John Bohnam's thunderous, bombastic beat just drove the band!" That driving force behind Led Zeppelin is what Adam Ferraioli still tries to duplicate to this day. There were other drummers that inspired him such as Jerry Shirley (Humble Pie), Keith Moon (The Who), and Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull) to name a few, but none had near the impact on Adam that Bohnam's playing did." Though he was a technically great player, it was his feel that really got me. It's off the charts!"

Over the years Adam has played in many Philadelphia based bands including "Britney Fox", "Tangier", and his first cover band "Thrust" who did a set of Zeppelin every night. "We were pretty good back then. Rob, our singer in Thrust did a great job singing Plant! There were a lot of bands trying to play Zeppelin in those days, but most of them didn't have the vocals to cut it! I remember getting off the stage back then and falling over after playing a set of Zep. We really put our hearts into it! That’s what persuaded me to join GTLO. Their passion for music and performing it the best way possible is second to none!"

Adam also played with guitarist Jimmy Marchiano off and on for ten years. "Once Jimmy and [guitarist] Paul Hammond played together for the first time, they knew there was something special there! "We all knew," recalls Adam. "Once we were all in rehersal together it just felt like a family! The tones, the feel, everything just felt right." The addition of Andrew Lipke on keyboards/guitar/vocals etc... just put "the icing on the cake" according to Adam. "We really needed Andrew in the band, he's an incredible person and an incredible musician. He added the finishing touch the band needed to reproduce the music of Led Zeppelin even closer than before! I couldn't imagine playing with any other band! To me there isn't any other band, besides of course Led Zeppelin!"

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